About Miss Owl B

My name is Aimee Owl. 

I'm twenty years old. I work at a supermarket in the deli section, but dream of being an interior designer and decorator. 
I love owls, cows and giraffes. I love finding small objects or lost items on the side of the road. I have quite a large collection now. I love art, photography and music. I am old-fashioned and love making my own clothes, writing by hand and in cursive, writing letters and making photo albums. 

I have 2 cameras.
A Canon EOS 1000D with 2 lenses, 18-55mm and 75-300mm 

and a Fujifilm S5800 FinePix, which was my first camera. Still hold a soft spot for it, although i predominantly use my new Canon now! 

I do occasionally post photos from my phone, so if there is a photo on here that is quite poor quality, its from my phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. 

I appreciate everyone who views, comments or subscribes to my page, but please refrain from saying anything bad or hurtful to anyone. I dont want any nastiness here!!
I am quite happy to have sponsors or if anyone wants to write an article, just message me, and we can get started!

Bear with me as I get started, there may be mistakes or the site might be down for a bit!!

All my love, 

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